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John Stubbs – Director Marine Certification co., ltd.
· English born and educated
· Sailing and power boat Instructor IYT
· Delivery skipper South China Sea
· Med Sailing Flotilla Skipper
· Caribbean yacht Skipper
· Norway to Arctic circle sailing
· Dive boat operations
· Tug boat towing

· MCA 3000 ton Officer of the watch
· MCA Navigation & Radar (APAR)
· MCA GMDSS ( G.O.C) Ships radio officer
· MCA Construction & Advanced Power Boat level 2
· MCA Stability
· MCA Advance Sea Survival
· RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Sail
· RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Motor
· Rescue diver
· Technical diver
· Surface Technician
· Tri mix Gas Blender
· Nitrox Gas Blender

The Opinion of Texan John Speer, who was student on the ‘Zero to Hero” learn to sail course, featured in an article that appeared the December edition of SEA Yachting magazine.

“John Stubbs’ commercial and sailing experience is unrivalled and demonstrated throughout the course. He guided us through sail boat emergency actions during harsh weather conditions. Because of this, I feel confident that I now know the proper actions to take during stormy sea conditions to keep myself and crew safe”

” John’s hands-on teaching techniques and positive attitude facilitates easily understanding the sailing material, especially during the chart reading portion of the course. Because of John, I have a better understand of charts and can navigate a sail boat safely through the waterway in difficult channels.”

“This course has given me a greater understanding of the skill and experience required to sail. Even though I have the confidence to begin sailing on my own, I fully understand that this is only the beginning and there is so much to lean and can only obtained through sailing experience and time.”

John Speer and John from SEA Yachting Magazine 2010