Stand Alone One Day Courses

Weather Master A stand alone course for those who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in world meteorology and weatherAi?? routing for long distance or ocean passages.

This one day course covers Weather theory including: cheap pills buy prinivil online

Chart work instruments,Ai?? The magnetic compass, variation and deviation, The Breton plotter, NOAA charts, Admiralty charts, Small craft charts, Projection,Ai?? Scales, Horizontal datum, Units of measurement, Datum of soundings, Charted heights, Chart numbers, Source diagram, Editions and dates, Large scale charts, Notes, warning, cautions, Detailed chart information, Nautical chart symbols and abbreviations, Angles and degrees, Latitude and Longitude, Defining a position, Chart work connections, Distance, speed, time and direction, Position by bearing and distance, Magnetic north, Compass error, Causes of deviation, Applying variation and deviation, The deviation card, Compass error, The hand bearing compass, Position lines and position fixes, Bearing at sea, Range/transitai??i??s, Sectored lights, Clearing lines, running fixes, Dead reckoning and estimated positions, The navigation log book

Buy VHF / HF Radio Master

A stand alone course designed to enable the offshore mariner to safely operate VHF Radio transmission and reception and to operate the reception of HF radio signals.

This one day course covers VHF theory and practice and HF theory including: order panmycin by upjohn

Introduction to VHF radioai??i??s, Basic radio theory, Line of sight, Subsidiary equipment, Common radio terms, Regulations/Licensing requirements, VHF radio equipment,Ai?? v Radio procedures, Transmitting and receiving, The phonetic alphabet, Emergency radio communications, EPIRB and SART, Hand held short range VHF radioai??i??s