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Power Boat Master

Designed for those to wish to operate a pleasure boat (power, with accommodation) up to 24m’ (80ft) in sight of land in fair weather. Tailored for those who are considering chartering a powerboat or for those who are purchasing a vessel.Ai?? Five day live-aboard course both theory and practical components and instruction manual on all the relevant systems on the vessel.

Safely at sea, VHF Radio operations, Nautical terminology, Taking over a vessel, Rope work, Collision regulations, Introductions, Introduction to weather/meteorology, Charts and compass work, chart work, passage planning, Dingy handling, Boat handling under power, Berthing, anchoring and coming alongside, Glossary of terms



Yachtmaster Coastal (Power or Sail) for Yachts upto 24m’ (80ft)

This course is designed to provide the highest standard of maritime education for the recreational yachtsman and woman and for those who are serious about obtaining the best nautical qualifications available.Ai?? They are ideal for those who greatly want to expand their knowledge and experience and increase their confidence in commanding a yacht.

This is a comprehensive live aboard course consisting of 6 days for sail or 5 days for power which includes the practical on the water examination.

The course covers subjects such as navigational charts and publication, dead reckoning and estimated position, position fixing, tides, tidal levels and data, pilotage, safety at sea, meteorology and much more. Because the Yachtmaster Coastal course is conducted a yacht it also covers such practical seamanship skills as rope work, anchor work, boat haddling, docking, yacht presentation, navigation, passage planning and much more.

  • A IYT Yachtmaster certifcate is internatinally recognised as a standard of excellence for the recreational yachtsman.
  • IYT Yachtmaster qualifications are recognised by marine insurance companies worldwide.
  • IYT Yachtmaster qualification gives the yachtsman and woman a much increased level of confidence in their ability to handle a yacht due to our intensive level of on the water training.
  • IYT Yachtmaster certifcates are accepted by yacht charter companies on a worldwide basis.


Minimum entry requirements to apply for the IYT Yachtmaster coastal course:

Candidate should have logged 30 days and 800 miles at sea including 2 days as watch leader/skipper and 12 hours underway on watch at night.



Small Power Boat RIB Master Course (MCA Approved)


Designed for those to wish to opeate a pleasure boat powered by out board engine upto 15m'(45ft) in sight of land and not more than 20 miles from safe haven in fair weather.


This two days course covers one day of theory and one day of practical boat handling including:


Safety at sea, VHF Radio operations, Small powerboats and rigid inflatable boats, Launching and recovery, Anchors and anchoring, Nautical terminology, Boat handling under power, Man overboard procedures, Ropes rope-work, Basic rules of the road (collision regulations) Glossary of terms



STCW 95 Basic Safety Training Course

Before you can be employed in any capacity on a yacht as part of professional crew you need to hold and International Maritime Organization (IMO) certificate that decleares you trained for survival at sea.


Our STCW95 Basic Safety training program consists of 4 Certification Courses over 5 days! This training is very important to your maritime career. This is not just looking at a life raft and playing with a few fire will be boarding a real life raft in the ocean, navigating through smoke filled rooms with billowing flames and you will really appreciate that you are doing this with guidance of experience professions in a well established purpose built facility.


Professional training environment, best quality practices and great prices: you won’t find a better deal anywhere in the world to get your professional yachting career off the dock.



2 days: Basic Marine Fire Fighting

The course aims to give all persons intending to go to sea a basic induction and knowledge of the ways in which fires are caused and the precautions to be taken to minimize the risk of fires on board ships. Assessment is by direct observation, oral questioning and a written examination. There is no entry requirement for this course.


Course Content:


  1. The identification of probable cause, nature and extent of injuries is prompt, complete and conforms to current first-aid practice
  2. Risk of harm to self and others is minimized at all times
  3. Treatment of injuries and the patient’s condition is appropriate, conforms to recognized first-aid practice and international guidelines



1 Day: Basic Maritime First Aid

The course aims to develop the competence required to be able to apply immediate first aid in the event of an accident or illness on board.


Course Content

  1. Response to emergency situations involving fires
  2. The use of breathing apparatus
  3. Fire fighting and fire extinguishing using portable equipment
  4. Act as a member of a fire fighting party
  5. reglan tremors treatment



1 Day: Personal Survival Techniques

The course aims to give all persons going to sea the essential basic knowledge of survival equipment, survival principles and techniques that can be applied to maximize their chances of survival in the event of marine casualty. Training consists of theoretical classroom work which is then enhanced by exercises in our Environmental training tank. Assessment is by direct observation, oral questioning and simulated scenarios.


Course Content:


  1. Survival difficulties and factors
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Life rafts and equipment
  4. Action prior to abandonment
  5. In water survival techniques
  6. Helicopter rescue
  7. Vital & secondary actions in the life raft
  8. Righting and upturned life raft
  9. Use of pyrotechnics



1 Day: Personal Safely and Social Responsibility

zestoretic shipping
The course aims to give all persons intending to go to sea a basic induction in safety procedures and accident prevention and to familiarize them with the employment conditions and working environment on board merchant vessels.Ai?? Assessment is by direct observation, oral and written questioning and simulated scenarios.


Course Content:

  1. Complying with emergency procedures
  2. Prevention of marine pollution
  3. Observing safer working practices
  4. Understanding the chain of command and orders

  6. Contributing to effective human relationships on board ship



Zero to Hero Course

This course is designed to take students through a fast paced 15 days training Session which combines classroom theory, weather and navigation exercises,Ai?? line handling and ropework, marina docking and sailing drills, onboard yacht orientation, passage planning, live-aboard sailing experience and other sailing skill essentials. Students typically log over 300 nautical miles of hands-on sailing experience during the program.Ai?? The full-time nature of the Zero to Hero program immerses students in the way of ships and the sea and is a proven method of providing students with the knowledge and abilities they need to go sailing.Ai?? At the end of your training session, you will be examined and evaluated to receive your IYT Bareboat Captain certificate



Mile Builder Course

Our monthly 5day / night Mile builders are a great way to get a feel for what life on board a cruising or charter yacht is really all about.Ai?? Whether covering long ocean miles or exploring little visited anchorages in the Koh Chang archipelago, you are sure to gain experience which will last a lifetime.

These sailing adventures are scheduled throughout the year and normally being our trips from the remote fishing village of Salek Phet on the southeastern corner of Koh Chang and we finish our trip at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club located on South Jomtien Beach. Our monthly newsletters highlight the schedule of upcoming voyages 20,000 THB includes all yours expenses except for provision, alcohol and meals ashore. We provision as a group to provide a valuable lesson of what to purchase for each day of the trip, which helps you when sailing alone next time.

Sign up early to reserve your cabin.Ai?? Join with students, past and present of some real hands on sailing experience ! Unforgetable.



NauticEd Online Theory Courses

Marine Certification is affiliated to NautiEd the US online sailing instruction organization which offers online interactive training with the following courses, Crew member, Skipper, Bareboat charter clinic, Basic rules of the road, Catamaran sailing, Coastal navigation, Introduction to celestial navigation, Maneuvering under power, Weather clinic, Sail trim clinic, Storm tactics, Safety at sea.

These courses are highly recommended by Marine Certification to learn more please click on the NauticEd logo link which will take you to the NauticEd site and get you discount on the course of your choice.

You can access the ‘Rules of the Road’ online manual free from the NauticEd website as a trial of the NauticEd programme.



Stand Alone One Day Courses

Weather Master

A stand alone course for those who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in world meteorology and weatherAi?? routing for long distance or ocean passages.



This one day course covers Weather theory including:

Chart work instruments,Ai?? The magnetic compass, variation and deviation, The Breton plotter, NOAA charts, Admiralty charts, Small craft charts, Projection,Ai?? Scales, Horizontal datum, Units of measurement, Datum of soundings, Charted heights, Chart numbers, Source diagram, Editions and dates, Large scale charts, Notes, warning, cautions, Detailed chart information, Nautical chart symbols and abbreviations, Angles and degrees, Latitude and Longitude, Defining a position, Chart work connections, Distance, speed, time and direction, Position by bearing and distance, Magnetic north, Compass error, Causes of deviation, Applying variation and deviation, The deviation card, Compass error, The hand bearing compass, Position lines and position fixes, Bearing at sea, Range/transit’s, Sectored lights, Clearing lines, running fixes, Dead reckoning and estimated positions, The navigation log book


VHF / HF Radio Master

A stand alone course designed to enable the offshore mariner to safely operate VHF Radio transmission and reception and to operate the reception of HF radio signals.

This one day course covers VHF theory and practice and HF theory including:


Introduction to VHF radio’s, Basic radio theory, Line of sight, Subsidiary equipment, Common radio terms, Regulations/Licensing requirements, VHF radio equipment,Ai?? v Radio procedures, Transmitting and receiving, The phonetic alphabet, Emergency radio communications, EPIRB and SART, Hand held short range VHF radio’s